Why An Annual A/C Tune-Up Is Important

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Lower Your Energy Bills

The better your A/C is running, the less energy it consumes while cooling. That is good news for the environment and even better news for your wallet. Studies show that you can eliminate up to 25 percent off of your monthly electricity bill by getting an annual preemptive tune-up each year. The money you will save will quickly offset the cost of maintenance, and you will reduce your chances of a mid-summer breakdown by 95 percent.

Prolong the Life of Your A/C System

New A/C units that are not serviced only last about seven years while regularly maintained units can work well over 15 years, so regular tune-ups can save you the entire cost of buying a new A/C unit by doubling the life of your current system. A/C units do not just suddenly quit working; virtually all breakdowns result from small problems that could have been addressed during routine maintenance. For example, a refrigerant leak is an easily fixed problem, but it can burn out your compressor if left unaddressed for a long time. Tune-ups are an opportunity for technicians to catch small problems before they become bigger, more expensive ones.

When Should I Schedule My A/C Tune-up?

It is best to make sure your A/C is in working order in the spring well before the weather warms up. When you live somewhere as hot as Katy or Sugar Land, Texas, it is not a bad idea to schedule a second tune-up in the middle of summer. Throughout the year, you can keep your HVAC unit healthy by changing the filters at least every three months.

What Does an Annual A/C Tune-up Entail?

Air conditioners are very complex machines that require close inspection by someone who knows exactly what they are looking for. Here is sample checklist of what Katy and Sugar Land air conditioning service technicians do during a routine tune-up:

  • – Calibrate and level the thermostat
  • – Ensure operation of safety devices
  • – Clean the filters and indoor coil
  • – Flush out the condensate drain
  • – Check the condition of the condenser coil
  • – Inspect and lubricate all bearings
  • – Make sure refrigerant is operating at the correct pressure
  • – Inspect the fan blade and fan motor
  • – Make sure all electrical connections are secure
  • – Ensure that the disconnect box was correctly installed
  • – Check contactors for burns
  • – Hide exposed wiring
  • – Monitor the functioning of capacitors
  • – Make sure all service valves are in working order
  • – Check ducts for potential energy loss
  • – Monitor the amperage, volt draw & wiring connections of the compressor
  • – Remove debris from the condenser


Take Advantage of an A/C Tune-up from the Sugar Land Air Conditioning Repair Experts

Don’t wait for your A/C to let you know that something is wrong. Take action now to avoid costly repairs in the future. A tune-up takes only an hour and can save you the agony of being stuck in the summer heat with no A/C. You will also enjoy lower utility bills throughout the year, so you can put that money toward an extra summer vacation. To schedule your tune-up today, call the number one Sugar Land and Katy air conditioning service, All Cool A/C & Heating at 281-238-9292. We are the Katy and Sugar Land HVAC repair experts for all of your home air conditioning and heating needs.