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Heating Tune Up | Get ready for the Cold!

Heating Tune UpBefore cooler temperatures hit the Houston area, it is wise to consider contacting a Heating Tune Up repair company for a heating system tune-up. This is all part of a routine maintenance program that keeps your unit working properly, especially when you need it the most. If your home heating system develops problems, you may be compromising your safety. Incomplete combustion in a gas system can produce hazardous gases, including carbon monoxide. A leak in your heat exchanger can cause dangerous gases to enter your home. When a trained Katy air conditioning repair and Heating Tune Up technician examine your HVAC equipment, you gain peace of mind that potentially deadly problems and expensive repairs are detected early.


What Does a Professional HVAC Repair and Heating Tune Up in Houston Involve?

A professional heater tune-up will include a thorough cleaning and check of all major parts of the furnace. For instance, the burner and pilot assembly will be inspected and cleaned to ensure proper combustion. The heat exchanger will be inspected for cracks or problems as well. This will decrease the likelihood of toxic fumes emitting from your system. The pilot light will be adjusted so that it stays lit to avoid annoying shutdowns. A carbon monoxide gas test will be performed to make sure air quality is good. This gas is odorless, so it is simple to overlook a leak. However, high carbon monoxide levels in the air can cause fatal results.

A tune-up will also include the inspection and replacement of old filters, pipes, and valves. When an air filter is dirty, the unit’s efficiency drops tremendously so scheduled replacement is important. Blockages in combustion openings will cause dangerous issues during the heating process as well. For added safety, your heating vent system, especially the flue pipe, will be examined for leaks and corrosion.

After the condensate drain is flushed to prevent overflow, the blower wheel, motor, and other moving parts will be lubricated when necessary. This elongates the life of the motor and keeps temperatures comfortable throughout the year. A Heating Tune Up is not complete without a combustion test to measure your system’s efficiency. Temperatures and performance will be tracked and analyzed so problems are identified early and repaired quickly.

Your heating system is a large investment for your house, so it is necessary to take steps to keep it functioning properly. Half of all homeowners do not get a heating unit inspection until problems occur. However, to ensure safety, efficiency, and the long life of the unit, it is vital to schedule regular tune-ups. At All Cool A/C & Heating, we will send our certified Houston air conditioning repair technicians for a Heating Tune Up to your home for necessary maintenance services. They will identify and fix problems to make sure your home remains comfortable and safe.

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