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Expert Air Conditioning Repair for Rosenberg Residents

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Experience Makes the Difference

All Cool A/C & Heating is a locally owned and operated business with more than 25 years in the Houston area. We specialize in providing you with the most practical and cost-effective solutions for your Rosenberg HVAC repair needs. Whether you require routine maintenance or a full replacement system, our technicians have the tools and the skills necessary to return your climate control systems to working order and to advise you of your options to ensure optimal use of your available funds. Our team is committed to helping you and your family remain cool indoors all summer long.

The Right Solutions for Rosenberg Families

Depending on the symptoms exhibited by your air conditioning unit, All Cool A/C & Heating can often have your system up and running within just a few hours. We service all makes and models and can help you resolve the following problems quickly and efficiently:

  • – Replacement of broken fan belt for blower motor
  • – Repair or replacement of malfunctioning thermostats
  • – Identification and repair of any leaks and recharge of refrigerant levels
  • – Assessment of condenser and compressor performance and repair or replacement of these components to ensure optimal cooling power
  • – Replacement of defective or malfunctioning control panels, sensors and other electrical equipment
  • – Thawing of frozen lines and units and diagnosis of the underlying problem
  • – Top-quality replacement systems from Trane or Ruud that can increase energy efficiency in your Rosenberg home and can provide reliable performance for the hot and sticky summer months ahead


Depending on the extent of the repairs needed, a new air conditioning unit or integrated system may be the most cost-effective choice for your home and family. Our experienced technicians will provide you with honest information regarding your choices to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our services on your behalf.

At All Cool A/C & Heating, we are proud of our reputation for quality workmanship and excellent customer service. Our Rosenberg air conditioning repair team is ready to serve your needs. If you are in need of expert repair services for your heating and cooling system, call us anytime, day or night, at 281-238-9292. We’re here to help you keep your cool no matter what Mother Nature serves up this summer.

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