What to Expect on Installation Day

After working with an All Cool A/C & Heating team member to select the air conditioning and heating system that best fits your family’s needs, All Cool A/C & Heating will take care of everything for the installation from beginning to end. Our installers are residential air conditioning and heating experts who focus on a detail-oriented installation that will increase efficiency and extend the lifespan of your new system. ac maintenance, ac tune up, hvac maintenance, hvac tune up, air conditioner maintenance, heating and air conditioning repair near me, air conditioner tune up, hvac maintenance cost, ac tune up cost, ac check up, ac repair company, ac maintenance cost, Air Quality purification systems, air purification, air purifier, hepa air purifier, air cleaner, furnace repair, heating repair, hvac repair, hvac companies, heating and cooling repair, heating and air conditioning repair, heating and air repair, heating contractor, 24 hour air conditioner repair, emergency heating repair, furnace repair service, heating and ac repair, hvac repair, air conditioning repair, ac repair, air conditioner repair near me, furnace repair near me, hvac companies near me, hvac repair near me, air conditioning repair service, heating repair, hvac companies, air conditioning companies, hvac contractors near me, ac companies near me, heating repair near me, air conditioning contractor, heating and cooling repair, heating and air conditioning repairIt is also our mission to help keep your home clean and safe during the installation. All Cool A/C & Heating’s installations are a step above the rest with our trained installation specialists and detail-oriented philosophy backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We always aim to provide a safe, clean and seamless installation process by following these procedures:

Notify – We call you the morning of your installation to provide you an estimated time of arrival.

Pre-Install Review – Before any work starts, our Service Manager will review your project’s details with our installation crew to ensure all your needs are addressed during the install. The Service Manager will also answer any questions you may have before they start working.

Protect Your Home – To protect your home, our installation team will cover the work area with drop cloths. We will also move any obstacles to ensure a clear workspace.

Disconnect Power – We will turn off the electrical breakers to the HVAC equipment being replaced. We will verify that the breakers are compatible in size for the new equipment.

Refrigerant Removal – We will remove and dispose of the refrigerant according to state and EPA guidelines.

Equipment Removal – Once preparations are completed, we will carefully remove the old equipment.

Installation Preparation – We will ensure our workspace is cleaned and ready for installation by removing debris around the equipment location.

Decontamination – We will flush the copper lines to ensure no cross contamination from debris and previous refrigerant used in the system.

Equipment Installation – Once the workspace is prepped, the new equipment will be placed and connected to the duct work, electrical wiring and refrigerant lines.

Sealing the Equipment – Once the installation is set in place and connected to the ductwork, we will seal all seams with a specialized tape and sealant. This ensures your new system maintains its efficiency and avoids condensation issues.

Thermostat – We will install the thermostat and ensure it is calibrated correctly. We will also help with programming a schedule or connecting your thermostat to Wi-Fi for remote access.

Accessories – Accessories such as surge protection, ultraviolet sanitizing lights, whole home filtration systems and zoning are installed and tested.

Pulling a Vacuum – We will pull a vacuum to ensure there are no leaks in the copper lines or equipment. We use digital gauges to ensure the system is pressurized to the proper micron level.

Charge – We will add refrigerant to the system to account for the size of equipment and length of line-set. We always charge our systems to the manufacture recommended sub-cool and super-heat guidelines.

Startup – With the system now running, we will test that the system is running well, safety features are working correctly, and water is draining properly down the designated drains.

Completion – The installation is complete once the system is running and all safety features are inspected. We will clean up our workspace by removing all tools, trash and drop cloths.

Review – The lead installer or service manager will show you the completed installation and answer any of your questions. They will also show you how to control the thermostat to best fit your comfort needs.

Paperwork – After reviewing the installation, our lead installer or service manager will help walk you through the warranty process and all necessary paperwork.