Tips for Improving Air Quality in Your Home

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Improving Your Air Quality

  • Choose a Better Air Filter:As a budget-conscience consumer, you may find yourself reaching for the least expensive air filter for your cooling system. You may save a few pennies, but that cheap filter can directly lead to poor air quality inside of your home. In many cases indoor air quality can be worse than outdoors. Consider upgrading to a pleated filter that is designed to trap the smallest of particles. You will find many that are specifically made to combat various contaminants that include cigarette smoke, allergens and pet dander. While the kind of filter that you usedoes matter, it is equally important that you change the filter as often as it is needed. Take a look at it every month, and change it if it looks dirty.
  • Keep Your Home Clean:With most households being dependent on two incomes, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with all of the necessary housekeeping duties. However, if you can make time to regularly vacuum your home with a bag-less vacuum cleaner that utilizes a HEPA-type filter, then you can drastically improve the air quality inside of your home. You will find that dust and dirt debris can really gather around windows and doors, so dusting them regularly will also help.
  • Have Your Ducts Properly Sealed:Those looking for AC repair in Katy may want to consider allowing us to clean and seal your air ducts. Our cleaning system will remove all of the dirt that has collected within the ducts, and you will be left with sparkling, clean ducts that are like new. Additionally, the sealing process serves to greatly reduce the amount of dust and debris that may be sucked back in through the return line. It also leads to more-even air flow, better air quality and lower utility bills.
  • Install an Indoor Air Purifier:If you live on or near a dirt road, have a smoker in the house, own several pets or have children with asthma or allergies, then you may significantly improve the quality of the air inside of your home by utilizing an indoor air purifier. You may choose from several types that different technology and we can help you. Those who need the very best air quality due to health problems may choose an indoor air purifier that utilizes the existing forced-air system to purify all of the air throughout the home. Others may choose smaller purifiers that may use water as the filter or those that use a technology that is referred to as electro-static-participation.

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