The Benefits of a Zone Control HVAC System for Your Home

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The individual thermostats are all hooked to a central control panel that is in charge of controlling the ductwork as well as the air conditioning or heat path to the various zones. That means you can use a single heating and cooling system to achieve a much more even temperature throughout your home regardless of its size. Your zone control system, which can be installed by a Sugar Land HVAC repair company, will save you money because it is the most efficient way to keep your entire home comfortable.

Cooling and heating is responsible for over 50 percent of the energy use in a normal United States home, which makes it the biggest energy drain for most home owners. A zoning system can save up to one-third on a standard heating or cooling bill according to the U.S. Energy Department. It will also keep you far more comfortable since you will not have to adjust a centralized thermostat just to raise or lower the heat in a room that is upstairs or far away from the controls. You can also set the temperature accordingly for rooms that you rarely occupy, which will save you money by not keeping those areas as warm or as cool as the rest of the home. When each room is controlled by its own thermostat, you can create the perfect thermal environment for any size house regardless of its age.

Many companies providing A/C repair in Sugar Land recommend keeping your thermostat set to 78 degrees in the summer and 68 during the winter. These settings will keep your home comfortable while saving you money. For every degree above 78 in the summer and below 68 in the winter, you can lower your bill by an estimated 6 to 8 percent. If you add in the obvious savings of having an unoccupied guest bedroom or study set even lower in winter and higher in summer, you can truly see how much money you could be saving by only conditioning the air in the spaces that you occupy the most frequently. By having programmable thermostats installed throughout your home, you can save even more money by having the temperature adjusted automatically when you are away or immediately prior to your return from your job as well as during the night while you sleep and in the morning when you awake.

If one of your rooms seems chillier than the rest or hotter than most, you can use zone control to ensure that every part of your home is comfortable. Give All Cool A/C and Heating a call at 281-238-9292 to set up an inspection of your home and to see how much you could save with a zone control HVAC system for your home. You will not only save your hard-earned money, but you will also enjoy more unilateral comfort throughout your home regardless of the season.