– P.K. C

Cody Bellamy was wonderful to work on helping me make the huge decision of who to go with for a new a/c / entire new HVAC system. He gave me a checklist to compare to other companies to be sure they were going to provide the same installation services as All Cool A/C & Heating. I talked to two other companies, one lower & one higher. But I also talked to a company I had worked with for 10 years, that said it sounded like THE BEST DEAL was coming from Cody. The install was done 48 hours later (my request for a 24 hour delay.). They arrived by 8:30 that morning & were finished, & everything was cleaned up by 3:45 that afternoon & the a/c was running! (temp outside was 98°). It was 72° inside by about 10.

I’d dealt with them for about three years prior (Eric is my man) & we hoped to make it through the summer. Alas, the first 100° temp this summer did it in. Now, I know this won’t be the case for all people, but my electric usage did go down. July (got A/C in middle of July) 1706 kWh, August – 1491 kWh, Sept – 1073 kWh. And I keep my house @ 72° all summer.

I could give a higher recommend to All Cool A/C & Heating. Their service before the sale was exceptional, the sale was exceptional, I have no reason to think if I need service after the sale it would be anything less.