Steps to Take after Flood Damage to Your HVAC System

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Check with Your Insurer

If your home insurance policy covers flood damage, setting up an appointment with an adjuster can allow you to begin the claims process to have your air conditioning unit repaired or replaced. Even if flood damage is not specifically covered, you may still have grounds for a claim if wind or fallen trees have caused damage to the outside unit or to indoor equipment. Discussing your losses with your insurance agent can help you get a clearer picture of what types of damage will be covered under your homeowner’s policy and what you will have to pay for out-of-pocket.

Turn Off the Electricity

Allowing time for your air conditioning equipment to dry out can sometimes give you a better idea of the damage caused by flooding inside and outside your home. Turning off the power to these devices is critical to ensure that you and your family stay safe from shorts and other electrical hazards. Switching off the breaker to your air conditioning system can usually be accomplished easily at your home fuse box. It is a good idea not to turn the cooling system back on until you get the all-clear from a professional Sugar Land HVAC repair company.

Check for Outdoor Damage

Major storms can cause serious structural and mechanical damage to the condensing unit of your air conditioning system. After turning off the electricity to the outdoor unit, checking this equipment for obvious damage can help you report your losses more accurately to your insurance company. This initial inspection can also allow you to provide more complete information to your Sugar Land air conditioning service company, allowing them to prepare more effectively for your planned inspection visit.

Call the Professionals

If you suspect serious damage to your air conditioning system, it is essential to schedule an appointment with your local HVAC company to determine the extent of the problems caused by flooding inside or outside your home. These professional technicians can identify and remediate any safety issues and can provide you with the most accurate diagnosis for your cooling system. By consulting with a professional Sugar Land air conditioning repair company, you can ensure the safest and most cost-effective resolution for HVAC issues after a major flood.

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