Spring HVAC Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance For this Spring

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? They herald the welcomed warmth of summertime. Don’t you just love the summer? So much to do and enjoy outside! Summer heat, the beach, grilling outdoors, and summer vacations are right around the corner. It’s all good if we have a respite from the intense heat, and air conditioning provides just the relief we need.

During extreme heat, the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors maybe 300 and that is quite a difference. Springtime is a great time to schedule an inspection and HVAC Maintenance for your air conditioner to keep it running strong all summer long. A tune-up cleans dust and grime from crucial components and ensures both the electrical and mechanical parts are functioning properly. This results in:

  • All the parts function as designed to keep your family comfortable, even during heat waves.
  • Identifies parts that might be under stress, allowing repair or replacement before the part fails.
  • A system that functions properly costs less to operate, so it saves on the utility bill
  • When a system is well-maintained, it tends to last longer, pushing an air conditioner replacement into the future.

If your air conditioner does struggle, no worries. But call as soon as possible since repair calls may triple or more during intense heat. Some sudden changes that indicate that your air conditioning system requires HVAC Maintenance include:

  • Warm Air When You Expect Cold Air. This is one of the most common problems. If the air is moving out of the vents but it is warm or not very cold, it indicates a problem with the refrigerant gas. The most common causes are gas leaking from the closed system or a compressor failure since the compressor is key to creating the cooling effect.
  • No or Low Air Movement. A powerful fan both pushes and pulls air, creating constant circulation during the cooling cycle. If no air is moving, it might indicate a problem with the blower motor that turns the fan. A switch or sensor may have failed, or it can indicate a compressor failure. If air is coming through the vents, but the volume of air is low, it might be a simple fix—a clogged air filter.
  • Inconsistent Cooling. If suddenly not all spaces are receiving adequate cooling, or if cooling is different between cooling cycles, it may indicate a problem with the thermostat. A simple fix is fresh batteries in the thermostat; a more profound fix may require replacement.
  • Water Leaking from the AC Cabinet. The air conditioner in the average home removes 3 to 4 gallons of water each day. The water usually falls to a floor drain or drains outdoors. If the drain line gets clogged, the water leaks into your home and can cause costly repairs. If a liquid other than water is leaking from the cabinet, this is a serious health risk and requires immediate attention.
  • Sudden Unusual Sounds. It is not unusual to hear some minor sounds during a cooling cycle that results from the contraction and expansion of the sheet metal vents. However, if you hear something new, different, or loud, such as screeching or grinding, moving mechanical parts are coming together in abnormal ways. This usually happens right before the failure of those critical mechanical components; make a call as soon as possible.
  • Sudden Unusual Smells. If an electrical part has failed, leading to a short circuit, the intense heat often melts wire insulation; it often occurs during a component failure. If the sudden smell is musty and unpleasant, it may indicate a problem with the ductwork. Moisture inside of the ducts or a leak in the duct may have led to the growth of mold or mildew. These cause multiple health problems, so they must be addressed immediately.

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