3 Seasonal Care for Your HVAC System Tips

Seasonal Care for Your HVAC System

Routine appointments are so important but so easy to neglect. Over the years, we have developed better ways to remind ourselves about routine things; refrigerators have indicator lights to remind you to change filters and new cars have oil change messages.

Labor Day has been designated as an indicator to change smoke alarm batteries; All Cool AC would like to suggest the transition from summer cooling to Fall heat be a reminder to care for your HVAC system. It is routine and can be easily forgotten, so put a reminder on your phone app to schedule a visit.

Your HVAC has been providing fresh air at just the right temperature faithfully for years. If you want it to continue providing that service, give it some regular TLC.

  • Honestly, when was the last time you cleaned the vents? Air circulates every time the system cycles, but when the blower stops, so does the air. Airborne particles, such as dust and pollen, get deposited inside the ductwork. Over the years, the accumulation can be significant, and you don’t need to breathe that in.

    It may be the reason you see more dust on surfaces. Since your arms are not long enough and you don’t have the proper equipment to clean them properly, this is a job for a professional. A thorough cleaning will remove the dust, dander, and pollen, greatly improving indoor air quality.

  • While you are in the cleaning mood, we can’t forget to replace your HVAC filters. Your AC filter prevents dust particles from entering the air of your home. A dirty HVAC filter will reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning and reduce the indoor air quality.

    A dirty AC filter can be dangerous to those family members with allergies or compromised immune systems. Regular replacement of your HVAC air filter will reduce your energy consumption and improve indoor air quality.

  • A seasonal maintenance visit can be very beneficial in several ways. First, you know your system is prepared for the heating season ahead. Second, you might have to avoid a cascade of problems. The furnace tends to fail when it is under stress—you guessed it, right as the temperature drops at nightfall.

    There is nothing quite like waking up in the cold. Instead of a seasonal maintenance visit, you are asking for an emergency visit. They tend to be very inconvenient for you and more expensive in the long run.

So, use the change from the cooling season to the heating season as a reminder to schedule a preventative maintenance visit.

Need Help Seasonal Care for Your HVAC System?

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3 Seasonal Care for Your HVAC System Tips