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Residential AC Maintenance: 4 Signs You Need To Call All Cool AC

Should I Call My Residential AC Maintenance AC Tech?

In Texas, hot weather is an equalizer. Whether you own a large house or rent a small apartment, AC provides needed relief from scorching heat and high humidity. That is until it stops working properly.

The HVAC system has a limited life span, but most often they show their age or completely fail when you need it the most. Waiting for catastrophic failure leads to dealing with the heat while you wait for repairs or replacement, so here are some signs that it is time to call your Residential AC Maintenance technician:

Icy buildup

Frozen compressors, icy coils, and frosty refrigerant lines are all a product of evaporator coils that are too cold. Nearby moisture in warm air condenses on the cooling coils and freezes. That can make the compressor run hot and burn out. The compressor could also freeze up. If it does, indoor air will feel warmer than it should. The compressor is the most expensive component of your air conditioner. For all of these possible problems, there are no DIY solutions. Call an AC tech promptly!

No/Low Airflow

If you feel cool air coming from the vent, but the flow is weak, it is time to call your AC technician. Little or no airflow could arise from breaks/blockage in your ductwork, blower motor failure, or an electrical switch malfunction. Without the proper tools and training, diagnosing and repairing the problem should be left to the professionals. If repairs are too expensive, replacing the unit might be the most cost-effective choice. A professional can help you make that determination.

Warm Air

If the blower is running and you feel warm air when it should be cool, something is definitely wrong with the AC. The problems range from a coolant leak, electrical switch issue, or a component failure, such as a compressor. Technicians will be able to diagnosis the problem(s) and make appropriate repairs. Again, if repairs are extensive, replacement may be in order. Do not delay to call your technician!

Excess Moisture

Your AC system is designed to remove moisture from the humid summer air, so finding water draining from the condenser is normal. However, if you find an excessive amount of water or anything else (including gases) leaking from the components, it is time to call your technician.

Large pools of water indicate a serious problem that needs to be fixed quickly; the excess water can damage furniture and flooring or lead to mold growth. A coolant leak poses a health risk to your family and will lead to system failure.

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