Proper Care and Cleaning HVAC Condenser Coils

Cleaning HVAC Condenser Coils

Summer is here and your whole family is in full appreciation mode, cheering every time the air conditioner comes on.  Ohs and ahs abound every time you walk indoors. What would you do without the AC? Wait, what would you do without your air conditioning?!

In this article, we will talk about caring for a component of your air conditioner to make sure it is keeping you cool this summer and hopefully for many summers to come. The condenser coils are the portion of your AC located outdoors.

If it is running properly, you probably mow around it and have not considered what, if anything, you should do with it.

Cleaning HVAC Condenser Coils: Accumulated Dirt 

The condenser coil is either square or rectangular, hollow with a fan in the middle that draws air through the coils to cool them. Very small fins direct the air and increase the surface space available for cooling.

Since the space between fins is very small, moisture from the cooling process causes dirt, dust, and debris from the air moving through to collect. When the dirt builds up, it reduces the condenser’s ability to pull air through the coils and therefore reduces cooling.

This results in a less comfortable home, a rise in utility bills (the system must work harder), and a shortened life for the condenser (an expensive component). Cleaning the coils will turn all these things around.

Cleaning HVAC Condenser Coils: Getting it Cleaned

Condenser coils should be cleaned on a regular basis as a preventative maintenance procedure. Since the coils are in use during the Summer months, coil cleaning is best scheduled in the Spring, before the cooling season, or in the Fall afterward.

Because condenser coils are vital to your comfort, getting them cleaned properly is very important. Since the fins are very delicate in nature, they are easily damaged. Using the wrong tool or the wrong pressure can damage the coils We recommend hiring a professional technician to clean condenser coils.

Experienced technicians will have the supplies and equipment to clean them efficiently, testing the coolant system on the same visit. Coil cleaning will extend the life of this vital AC component.

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Proper Care and Cleaning HVAC Condenser Coils