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Katy AC Repair or AC Replacement, Which is Right for You?

Air conditioning became common in the 1950s and by 1960, most new homes were built with central AC. With nearly 70 years of available data concerning air conditioner use, the information concerning longevity is pretty accurate. That is, the average lifespan of air conditioners ranges between 15 and 20 years, while regular preventative maintenance and timely AC repair can add years of service—five to ten extra years.

This information might impact your present situation if your AC system is approaching its teenage years. During this time, you can expect repair bills to mount. It can bring up a dilemma—keep repairing it or replace it. Here are some vital pieces of information to help you make this determination.

The Intricacies of Katy AC Repair

It will also seem that repairs are cheaper than replacement; after all, the replacement cost can be quite expensive. However, there are further cost considerations that should put the replacement cost into a balanced perspective.

  • Research repair invoices for your system and pay attention to the accumulation of bills. One repair bill might not be significant, but a high total or an increase in repair costs might give a different story.
  • This research might also reveal the necessity of repairing the same part repeatedly. When this happens, it often indicates a weakness in the system that is not being addressed. That means further repairs should be expected.
  • When both factors are combined, it signals a rising cost that you should be aware of.
  • As the system ages, larger components are threatened by wear and tear. Large components = large cost. It is at this time that repair costs and replacement costs must be closely compared and considered. Replacing expensive parts on a failing system might not be a wise decision.

“Staying the course” might make sense . . . until it doesn’t.

The Reality of Age

As your system ages, other realities affect the bottom line and impact financial decisions.

  • Older systems, with weakened components, will still try very hard to meet the temperature setting called upon with the thermostat. Cooling with weaker parts requires more energy, and more energy costs more money, and this might become apparent. If you are unsure, request the energy bill from the same month for the last two years, and compare the amount of energy for each month. The energy amount is measured in kWh.
  • Older systems may also suffer in performance. It might be evident during a period of extreme heat; a heat wave might leave occupants uncomfortably warm. An older system might also fail to remove adequate humidity, leaving everyone and everything feeling sticky and moist.
  • An older system gives you a glimpse of the future and allows you to plan for a future replacement. Saving money or adjusting the budget will help you prepare for the large purchase that is sure to come. It is a better plan than wishful thinking.

Preparation should include scheduling the eventual replacement and avoiding times of serious schedule pressure by Katy AC Repair technicians.

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