HVAC Winter Preparation: 4 Tips to Get Ready for Winter

HVAC Winter Preparation Tips

To prepare your home’s HVAC for the Winter season, you will want to perform these preventative maintenance steps to be ready for falling temperatures.  This HVAC winter preparation checklist will help you keep your energy expenses down and make winter a whole lot more comfortable for you and your family.

HVAC Winter Preparation Checklist:

Replace HVAC System Filters

Regular replacement of the air filter is one of the most productive and easiest ways to keep your HVAC system running at its finest. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on which filter to use and replace it more frequently if you have chronic allergies, are a pet owner, have small children, or have a compromised immune system.

Clean Registers and Air Return Grills

Vacuum or wipe clean your registers or air return grills to keep any build-up of debris and dust from restricting airflow. Keep furniture or household decorations free from blocking these registers and to allow proper airflow.

Conduct a Heating System HVAC Winter Preparation Test

Allow your thermostat to cycle your heater on and calculate how long it takes your room to reach the set temperature. If your furnace does not come on, or it takes an extended length of time to reach the set temperature, it is time to contact us for a service call. You will want to avoid a complete system breakdown in the dead of winter.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance Should Be part of Your HVAC Winter Preparation

Complete HVAC system inspection should be done twice a year. Once in the Spring to prepare for the summer heat, and once in the fall to prepare for the winter cold. As your system ages, it will be more important to continue regular maintenance to ensure that HVAC components stay efficient to prolong the lifespan of your HVAC system.

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HVAC Winter Preparation