Home Heating Fire Prevention Safety Tips


When the temperature drops, we look to our heaters to keep us cozy. However, if you do not take precautions, you might become another statistic. The simple truth is that 50 percent of fires caused by home heaters occur during the winter months. If you have any concerns about your heating system or any other extra space heaters you might be using, it is wise to contact a Katy heating repair company to have them assess the safety of your HVAC system and any other devices you employ to stay warm. Follow these tips to increase your protection from an accidental fire and contact a Katy HVAC repair company if you have any concerns about your heating system.

General Safety Tips for Home Heating

  • – A fire extinguisher is inexpensive and can be the difference between life and death. Make sure yours is charged and ready to be used.
  • – Do not heat your home with your oven.
  • – Portable radiators and space heaters require a lot of electricity. Never plug more than one heating device into an outlet simultaneously.
  • – Teach your children to stay at least 3 feet away from space heaters and fireplaces.
  • – Fires happen rapidly and can cause confusion. Have an evacuation strategy, and practice it with your family. An effective plan includes at least two ways to escape your home if a fire starts. After exiting the building, your family members should gather at a predetermined spot, such as your mailbox, to make sure that everyone escaped safely.
  • – To prevent combustible items from catching fire, keep them away from any type of heating devices, such as a fireplace, furnace or space heater.
  • – When you leave a room, turn off any space heaters. This will also reduce your power bill because you will not be heating an unoccupied area of your home. Turn it back on when you re-enter the room.
  • – Do not run space heaters while you are sleeping.
  • – Never use a gas-powered electrical generator inside your home in the event of a power outage. Outdoor units should be positioned as far away from your windows as possible. They produce carbon monoxide, which can overcome you as you sleep.
  • – Be sure your smoke detector is working properly. It is also wise to buy a carbon monoxide detector for extra security. If a detector begins making a chirping sound for no apparent reason, the battery is dying and needs to be replaced. You should change the battery when the weather gets colder to make sure you are protected.
  • – Do not leave burning candles unattended. That is a recipe for disaster.
  • – If you smell gas, never light your gas heater. Vacate your home and contact your fire department or the local gas company.

Safety Tips for Your Heating Equipment

  • – If your furnace is not keeping you warm, have a Katy HVAC repair company examine it. A simple tune-up can make a big difference.
  • – Have your chimneys and heating equipment cleaned annually by a professional.
  • – A Sugar Land heating repair company can professionally install central heating units, stationary heating devices and water heaters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and local fire codes.
  • – Make sure that any wood-burning stoves were installed correctly and are adequately ventilated. This will prevent carbon monoxide from accumulating.

Safety Tips for Fireplaces

  • – Ashes must be cold before you remove them from your fireplace. Use a covered metal container for their disposal. Never use a plastic container. It could melt and ignite. Store the metal container a safe distance from your home.
  • – You need to have a strong screen in front of your fireplace to prevent sparks from popping out of the fireplace.

By following these tips, you will reduce the likelihood of a fire. All Cool A/C and Heating can examine your HVAC system and any other heating devices in your home. Call us at 281-238-9292 to schedule an appointment for a tune-up or inspection. We are also available for emergency services.