Heater Maintenance Tune Up

Benefits of an Annual Heater Maintenance Tune Up

The time to use our heaters is upon us. We’ve had some extreme temperature drops and we are expecting more to follow. The key to keeping your furnace running consistently is an annual tune-up of the electrical and mechanical components. Here’s a quick look at the Heater Maintenance Tune Up tasks we complete during a tune-up and how this benefits your home and family.

What You Can Expect During a Heater Maintenance Tune Up

Your technicians will arrive on time and ask you a few questions. In order to make a thorough inspection and tune-up, they will need access to various parts of the property indoors and outdoors. Prepare for someone to be present for a couple of hours, although the tasks may not take quite that long.

Outdoor Tasks 

  • The technicians will inspect the condenser unit. You may associate the condenser with air conditioning functions, but the same system can be accessed for heat when the weather is moderate. The condenser will be cleaned as needed and the refrigerant gas level checked.
  • Because this unit uses a lot of power, the electrical components will be tested and cleaned.
  • If your furnace uses natural gas or propane, the technician will check the supply lines as they enter the house.

Mechanical Room Tasks

  • The electrical controls, switches, sensors, and capacitors will be cleaned and tested. The furnace is a finely tuned system that requires precise controls; wear and tear can weaken these switches and put stress on the entire system.
  • The blower motor will be cleaned and lubed, and the blower fins will be cleaned as needed.
  • The air filter will be replaced by a new, high-quality filter.
  • For natural gas furnaces, the heat exchanger, supply line, and valve will be checked for leaks, soot, and any corrosion will be cleaned away from the burner units.

Indoor Tasks

  • The thermostat will be inspected tested and calibrated as needed. New batteries will be installed.
  • Supply vents and return air will be inspected to ensure they are not covered.

The Benefits of an Annual Heater Maintenance Tune Up

  • Your system functions more efficiently when the furnace components are cleaned and worn parts are replaced. An efficient system uses less energy, reducing your monthly utility bills.
  • Tune ups result in fewer major repairs. When technicians address minor issues, such as a worn electrical component, they prevent potential stress on other parts of the system and oftentimes the need for major repairs.
  • Annual tune-ups add years to the life of your system. The key is avoiding the catastrophic failure of major components, like the compressor unit. No system lasts forever, but you can delay replacement with regular tune-ups.
  • When your furnace functions well, it responds better to sudden or extreme temperature changes. Your technician can even demonstrate the scheduling function of your programmable thermostat.
  • Airborne particles –dust, pollen, and mold spores— can threaten your family’s health, even if the air quality seems fine. Cleaning the system and changing the air filter regularly ensures good air quality in your home and helps keep your family healthy.

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