Guidelines for Optimal Thermostat Placement in Your Katy Home

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Out of Direct Sunlight

The rays of the sun can heat up your thermostat and reduce the accuracy of its readings, causing your air conditioning equipment to work overtime to reduce temperatures inside your home. This can put added stress on your HVAC system and can reduce its ability to keep your home comfortable. By positioning your thermostat out of direct sunlight, you can ensure the most accurate control over indoor temperatures and can save money on your monthly utility bills.

Away from Kitchens and Bathrooms

Your kitchen and bath areas can create significant humidity and heat that can skew the readings taken by your home thermostat. By locating your thermostat well away from bathrooms and kitchen spaces, you can enjoy comfortable temperatures without the added wear and tear on your heating and cooling system caused by localized temperature shifts that do not reflect the overall climate of your home.

In a Centralized Location

Especially during the hottest parts of summer, temperatures can vary widely near windows, doors and exterior walls. Installing your thermostat in a centrally located interior area can prevent temperature swings and allow more accurate readings of your indoor temperatures, allowing your HVAC system to maintain an even keel even when the mercury rises outside. Your Katy air conditioning service professional will work with you to determine the most effective and convenient placement for your home thermostat.

Away from Air Vents

Heating and cooling vents and air intake registers can drastically alter the ambient temperature in their areas. This can have a negative effect on your thermostat’s ability to collect readings and to respond to changes in your indoor temperatures. By positioning your thermostat well away from these vents and the cold or warm air they circulate, you can enjoy added comfort inside your Katy home.

In a Main Living Area

Placing your thermostat in one of the primary living areas of your home can allow it to collect the most relevant information about temperatures and comfort levels. By measuring the conditions in these rooms, your thermostat can more accurately adjust the data it sends to your HVAC system and can provide you with added comfort in the areas you use most often. Some modern thermostat systems incorporate sensors that can be placed in rooms throughout your home to collect data; however, these systems typically require added wiring or wireless connections to perform at peak efficiency.

Accessible to Wi-Fi

Modern programmable thermostats often include Wi-Fi capability designed to provide you with added control over heating and cooling functions. If your thermostat is equipped with Wi-Fi functions, finding a place inside the interior of your home that is accessible to these signals can help you make the most effective use of your home HVAC system.

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