Energy Efficient HVAC Tips for Summer

Summer Energy Efficient HVAC Tips

Being cool is the number one priority for most of us during the intense summer heat. HVAC systems work overtime to remove the heat and make our homes comfortable and safe.

Cool summertime temperatures come with a cost. Homeowners see spikes in utility bills and must question their choices and consider energy-efficient alternatives. Here are some solutions to reduce your energy consumption during the summer.

Important Facts About Energy Efficient HVAC

Do you know what percentage of your utility bills come from your HVAC system? Let us take a quick look at some facts to help you better understand your HVAC system efficiency.

In the Texas Gulf Coast, over 95% of homes use some type of cooling system. In the U.S., 12% of the total energy consumption is from air conditioning systems. In Southeast Texas, that number is over 30%. Reducing the amount you use your air conditioning system is the easiest way to reduce your energy usage, but the cost is not worth it. Yes, your bill is lower, but often your comfort level is also below what is acceptable.

Energy Efficient HVAC System Upgrades

Older HVAC units are not as energy-efficient as newer and more modern options. Newer air conditioners are required by the Department of Energy to meet certain energy efficiency standards. Over time your HVAC system will lose efficiency. The older your unit is, the harder it has to work to reach the same comfort levels that you are used to.

Redesign Your Energy Efficient HVAC System in Your Home

Air conditioning systems work to cool your home. Rarely does each area of your home stays the same temperature or have the same cooling requirements. Zoning HVAC systems create comfort levels designed exactly like what you need and want. Zoning thermostats can redirect airflow to specific areas of your home as needed. This keeps the temperature consistent, between floors and rooms to provide the cooling and heating level you desire.

A zoned Energy Efficient HVAC system provides comfort and precision, and it helps you use less energy. Zoned HVAC systems can reduce airflow to unused rooms so energy is not wasted cooling/heating areas where nobody will be using it. When you pair your zoned HVAC system with a zoning thermostat, you can see additional savings that can further reduce your utility bills.

Summer Energy Efficient HVAC Tips

Looking for a more Energy Efficient HVAC system?

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