Emergency AC Repair

Emergency AC Repair for Houston Homeowners

When something changes and interrupts normal activity, it manifests itself as an emergency in our schedule, and the loss of air conditioning during a hot summer night seems to qualify as an emergency. However, others will quickly reveal that not every interruption in your AC service should be considered an emergency. Here is a list of potential problems and the severity level of an emergency.

Health Concerns Related to Emergency AC Repair

If you or a family member have moderate to severe health concerns and the extreme temperatures make one vulnerable, the loss of air conditioning is considered an emergency. Technicians will recognize the emergency and arrive as soon as possible. As you review the following examples, this concern trumps all others in determining an emergency.

However, if this is your situation, you are more likely to be monitoring air conditioning performance and scheduling regular maintenance to ensure emergencies are less likely. You are more likely to have a working relationship with the HVAC professional servicing your system, who will recognize the potential distress.

Trust Your Senses

First, your sense of smell can indicate an emergency.

  • If you smell smoke or something “burning,” consider it an emergency. Explore the source and if you determine your air conditioner is the source, turn the system off and call your HVAC professional immediately. Monitor the situation to ensure nothing is burning. If something is burning, treat it as a fire emergency.
  • If you experience a sudden sound followed by a strange odor, turn off the system and open a window or door. Anticipate a loss in cooling, but the emergency is over. If the odor you smell is musty or mildewy, call your professional, but this is not an emergency.
  • If you hear a buzz or excessive clicking, turn off the system. If the buzzing stops, call a technician, but it is not an emergency since you found the source of the buzzing. Without proper training, do not explore the source—wait for a technician.

Emergency AC Repair: Storm Damage

During an extreme storm, it is not unusual to lose power and subsequently, to lose air conditioning. The problem may be simple or complex, but chances are that you are not alone. Restoring power may be delayed and gradual, so be patient. There may be many people requesting the same—restoration of power.

When the power is restored, your air conditioner may or may not be restored. These problems may be simple or complex, but unless there are health concerns, this does not rise to the level of an emergency. It will require patience and understanding. No one likes to wait, but anticipates that repairs will take time. Without proper training, do not explore the problem—wait for a technician.

It’s Not Working

If your air conditioner stops working properly, one or more of the following indicators may be present.

  • The unit may not work at all. First, check the circuit breaker and make sure the air conditioner is receiving power. Second, check the thermostat to ensure it is in the cool setting and call for a temperature below room temperature. If both check out, call a technician.
  • If the blower motor is running, but the air is warm, first, check for a clogged air filter. The filter can reduce airflow and cause this problem. Second, investigate both the inside and outside AC unit, looking for frost or ice buildup. Do not remove the ice, but when you make a call, it is good information to share with the technician.
  • Without proper training, homeowners are not prepared to repair electrical or mechanical issues with air conditioner systems.

HVAC technicians approach their service as professionals; they attempt to work efficiently and quickly to restore air conditioning services to every home. Emergency AC Repair Technicians experience and therefore understand the discomfort of losing air conditioning service during a hot, summer day. We respond to emergencies first and work through the remaining calls as quickly as possible.

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