Avoid Costly AC Repair with this Simple Suggestion

AC Repair Money Saving Tips

When was the last time you changed your air conditioning filter? If you don’t recall, it has definitely been too long. During the intense heat of a Texas summer, your AC system takes a beating. Contaminants, dust, and debris fill your home’s air. Expectations of your air conditioner filter to miraculously perform when you attempt to extend its life is dangerous and costly.

A leading cause of AC repair and air conditioning repair is the failure to replace your filter timely.

Top Excuses We Hear To Why The AC System Filter is Not Changed Regularly

– I didn’t remember to change it

– It is not “that dirty” it doesn’t need to be changed

– I am unable to change them myself

– I don’t know which filter to buy

This simple act can save you costly AC repair and prevent air conditioning repair that can eventually force you to replace the entire HVAC system.

Setting a calendar reminder on your computer or smartphone to remind you to change your filter is an easy solution to forgetting to change the filter. If your filter is not dirty after six months, chances are it was not properly installed from the beginning. Improper filter installation can cause serious damage to your system components. If you need assistance in installing your HVAC filter or knowing which filter to install, All Cool AC offers AC repair and maintenance.

How To Tell You Need AC repair or Air Conditioning Repair/Maintenance

New homeowners or renters may find it difficult to tell if they need to schedule an AC repair appointment with a professional HVAC technician. Being unfamiliar with the baseline of efficiency of your HVAC system allows you to judge when something is amiss more easily. Remember that addressing any issues quickly will prevent more serious system failures in the future. Here are the most common signs that you need air conditioning repair.

Reduced Airflow of Cool Air

This is something you will notice quite quickly and easily. If you start the system and your AC does not turn on it is a good sign that your system needs repair. If your system does engage but you find there isn’t enough airflow, or the air is not cool, it can indicate that the ductwork is clogged or the ductwork has disconnected. A reduction in airflow is one of the clearest indications that your AC is in need of repair.

Moisture and Condensation Buildup

When warm air and cool air mix, the result is condensation. When your air conditioning unit is working efficiently, the unit handles the condensation with no problems. If moisture and leakage begin to build up and become visible around the unit, it can mean that you have a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant leaks cause significant damage to your unit, and if neglected, it can lead to health threats to you and your family. If it is condensation, rust and mold can result, which can lead to a costly repair that extends beyond your HVAC system.

Vibrations or Mechanical Sounds

If you begin to hear noise coming from your air conditioning system or ductwork, it may be a sign that you need to schedule an AC repair appointment. Squeaking, grinding, excessive vibrations, and mechanical noises are also a sign that your air conditioning unit is aging and may need to be replaced. This is one of the most noticeable indicators that you need AC repair.

Need AC repair or Air Conditioning Repair?

If you are experiencing a noticeable decrease in the functioning and efficiency of your HVAC system, you need to call us at 281-238-9292 or contact us via email. The longer you ignore or put off making the call, the most costly the repair can be.

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