Are Your Air Conditioning Ducts Costing You Money?

If you have noticed a whistling sound coming from your home, that could be your hard-earned money escaping through leaks in your air ducts. One utility company stated that between 25 and 30 percent of heating and cooling loss in an average home is the result of faulty ductwork. Your utility bills could be far less than what they are if you have a Katy air conditioning repair technician come to your home or office for a quick inspection.
Even the very finest, most energy-efficient furnace or air conditioner will not save you money if your ductwork needs sealing to transport the air to its intended destination. In fact, as more air is lost, your Katy HVAC system works harder to heat or cool your home to your desired setting. Your ducts are leaking cash every time you start your HVAC system.

How to Tell if Your Ducts are Leaking

If you have leaking ductwork, you probably already suspect it. If you notice any of the following telltale symptoms of leaking air ducts, call a Katy air conditioning service professional immediately.

  • – A dusty discharge of dirty air from your air vents after your turn on the A/C or heat is a sure sign that there is a problem. That dust was sucked into the system through the same gaps that allow treated air to escape. In this case, you are not just losing money, you are polluting the air in your home or office building.
  • – If one or more of the rooms in your home seems to be harder to heat or cool, your ducts could possibly not be working correctly. Their job is to evenly transport the warm or cool air to all your rooms. Some rooms might always seem stuffy and uncomfortable. A cold or hot spot is an indication that there is a problem.
  • – A sudden spike or an uncommonly high energy bill in the summer and winter are another symptom of leaking ducts. Your HVAC system is working harder to distribute the treated air evenly.
  • – If you have older air ducts in the garage, crawlspace or attic, they might be tangled or kinked. It is possible that air cannot move through them because they are blocked. Just like all of the other equipment in a building, your ducts wear down and break as they age.

A Katy A/C repair technician will check your air ducts for leaks. If any leaks are discovered, your ducks can be sealed. Leaks are usually found where the ducts meet the vents and registers on the walls, ceiling and floors. Frequently, the ductwork is not damaged. In some cases, the ductwork was not properly connected when it was installed.

A professional can access your ducts without causing any harm to the surrounding areas. A thorough search will reveal the location of any leaks. After the leaks have been sealed, your system can be checked with a special fan used by many HVAC technicians. This will make certain that the leaks have been completely closed and your system is working correctly.

Your home will be far more comfortable and energy efficient if your duct system is completely sealed. The best way to handle leaking ducts is to call All Cool A/C & Heating at 281-238-9292. We will find any leaks, repair them and test the system for you. We can also give your HVAC system a seasonal checkup to make sure it is ready to keep your building comfortable. A little preventive maintenance goes a long way when it comes to your HVAC. Keep your HVAC system in top shape, and it will keep your home comfortable for many years.