A/C Tune Up Maintenance Tips To Save Money This Summer

Maintenance Tips To Save Money on Your Summer Air Conditioning Bill

Here are some easy maintenance tips to keep your HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently. A smooth-running A/C system can reduce your utility bill. Rather than letting cabin fever get the best of you during this global crisis, make good use of your time by conducting HVAC maintenance that will save money on your summer utility bills. Your Family and Pets Need Fresh Air, All Summer Long!

Limit the Amount of Sun that Enters Your Home

Window coverings are a great way to block the intense heat of the summer sun. Installing window coverings that are designed to reduce radiant heat can reduce your home from heating up in the hot’s part of the day.  Covering your skylights or any window in rooms facing the West can reduce energy consumption. Landscaping that shields south and west-facing walls and windows can help prevent your home from heating up from the summer sun. Window screens and tint can be a great solution for large windows that let sun heat up rooms on the Southwest side of your home.

Conduct a Proper Vent Inspection

Regular vent inspection can reduce air conditioning strain. Keep your vents free from being blocked. Allow plenty of airflow in and around vents and returns. Complete or partial blockages can put excess strain on your air conditioning system.


Clean Your Outdoor Condenser

During the winter leaves, branches and debris can gather around this vital component to your HVAC system. The condenser is not only a vital component, but it is also the most expensive component. Shrubs, plants, and trees can also grow in and around your air conditioner condenser. With appropriate regular spot checks & maintenance, you should expect more than a decade of use from this important piece of equipment.

Evaluate Your Thermostat Placement

Your thermostat determines how often your HVAC system turns on and off. If your thermostat is affected by sources of heat, it could be detecting inaccurate temperatures. Household items like lamps and direct sunlight can prematurely turn your system on inappropriately. Also note that the lower your thermostat setting, the more energy your system will consume. For every degree below 78 degrees, you increase your energy consumption by 8%.

A/C Tune Up and Preventative Maintenance

We have outlined a few tips to reduce summertime energy consumption by your HVAC system. In addition to visual inspection of your unit, preventative maintenance is a key step to reducing summertime utility bills. Schedule your A/C tune up appointment before the summer heats up to avoid delays in scheduling and help mitigate costly repairs.