5 Signs You Need to Make an AC Repair Appointment Today

Warning Signs You Need AC Repair

Well . . . your older air conditioner made it through another summer. It ran well, but you are a little concerned; it has been around for a while and last summer it required a minor AC Repair. The fall is a good time to replace it but is considering taking a chance for one more year. What should you know before making that decision? Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Old Age. It really is a key consideration. Keeping it clean and well-maintained will prolong its usefulness, but eventually, large components will fail. Efficiency will drop. Economically, it will make sense to replace your air conditioner. The age range for AC components is between 15 to 20, more if maintained. Research the installation year and it can help you determine the urgency of replacement.
  2. Duplicate Repairs. Another key consideration is needing to replace the same part or similar part multiple times. When electrical control switches, sensors, and capacitors weaken and fail, this puts stress on larger motors. The stress will accumulate and lead to failure in these larger parts.
  3. Efficiency Loss. You might notice this when the AC takes longer to cool your home than normal or struggles to cool during heat waves. Or the system might blow hot air. You might also notice a loss of efficiency when you open your utility bill each month—more than the rise attributed to inflation.

Before you assume the worse, have your AC unit checked; this might indicate the loss of coolant gas. Sealing the coolant line and recharging the system is an easy fix.

  1. Efficiency Loss. Another indication of efficiency loss is higher humidity in your home. Surfaces might feel sticky, or the air may feel heavy and wet. High humidity might promote the growth of mold or mildew, so the air may smell musty. The coolant gas is also responsible for removing humidity, so let a technician check your system. Again, this is an easy fix.

If the coolant pressure is fine with a marked loss of efficiency, it may indicate deeper problems for AC Repair.

  1. Unusual Noise. The noise your AC makes should be minimal; you may hear the blower motor and the whoosh of air near the vents. Screeching, squealing, or rattling noises are not normal. When the normally slight noise becomes loud or unusual, this needs to be addressed. Noise can come from moving parts, such as the blower motor, or it can come from the stress on stationary parts.

If your aging air conditioner is experiencing a combination of these indicators, it is sending early warning signs of failure or AC Repair. By listening to your system, you will be able to plan accordingly. The early warning gives you time to shop around to find a brand and contractor. It gives you time to schedule the installation.

Most of all, you avoid replacing your air conditioner under the duress of an emergency; that emergency will most likely happen during the hottest part of the summer or the coolest part of the winter when your aging system is under significant stress.

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