5 AC Tune Up Tips to Save You Money

5 Money-Saving Tips for Regularly Schedule AC Tune Ups

Spring is here! That is a short buffer time between cold weather and the hot and humid weather of summer. This is an excellent time to have your air conditioner serviced to make sure it is in great shape to keep your family comfortable and safe all summer long.

You hear HVAC professionals say that all the time and you might wonder “Does it make a difference?” Since it might seem like a little self-service for All Cool to say “yes,” we can give you an unbiased, expert opinion with nothing to gain from your response—the U.S. Department of Energy.1

Here are 5 motivations for you to service your AC this spring.

AC Tune Up Tip 1: Lengthen Your Warranty

If your AC unit has a warranty, it most likely requires an annual preventative maintenance service; check your documents. While a breakdown during the early years of service is unusual, keeping the warranty valid is important.

AC Tune Up Tip 2: Increase Useful Service Life

The #1 way to lengthen the service life of your air conditioner is to have it cleaned and serviced regularly. Service life claims vary, but here are a few general truths:

  • Furnaces generally last a few years longer than the air conditioner, but they are usually replaced at the same time.
  • Service life varies a lot, between 15 and 30 years. Again, the #1 difference-maker is regular maintenance.
  • Regular maintenance can add 5 or more years to service life compared to little or no maintenance.

AC Tune Up Tip 3: Decreased Repairs

As air conditioners age, parts will wear out and fail due to functional stress. The leading cause of this stress on any AC unit is dust and dirt that infiltrates various components. The two major functions of AC preventative maintenance are 1) removing dust and dirt from remote places, and 2) inspecting for damage and wear.

A well-maintained AC unit will experience fewer breakdowns and repairs over the service life since the wear is reduced and discovered early.

AC Tune Up Tip 4: Increase Efficiency

With stress-causing dirt and dust removed, your air conditioner will function better, from the compressor to the blower motor. With every AC cycle, your family will experience greater comfort, even during peak cooling periods.

AC Tune Up Tip 5: Decreased Energy Bills

Now more than ever, reducing utility bills will benefit the household budget. A well-maintained AC, functioning more efficiently, will reduce the cost of cooling your home all season long.

Regular maintenance provides more benefits such as improved indoor air quality and cleaner surfaces, but hopefully, these five reasons will motivate you to care for your AC while it keeps you cool and comfortable this summer.

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5 AC Tune Up Tips to Save You Money

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