5 Essential AC Maintenance Tips

AC Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Heat and humidity seem to be our constant companions during the summer months. Your air conditioner is a critical key to keeping your family comfortable during the long Texas cooling system. We often share tips with homeowners for maintaining air conditioners, but it may be good to know there are more steps you can take to help keep your house cool beyond your air conditioner. While these steps cannot take the place of AC, they certainly can help. Let’s take a look at some of these AC Maintenance steps.

“Use” Sunlight Wisely

Everyone loves natural light flowing into their home. However, summertime sunlight equates to an increase in indoor temperature. Closing blinds and/or drapes during the day will reduce sunlight and keep your home cooler during the hottest part of the day. Tree shade and directional facing will be different for each home; know how to keep your home cooler.

Plan Meals

Oven-cooked meals might be perfect during cooler months, but they put stress on your AC and warm your kitchen significantly. There are several options available to keep your kitchen cooler.

  • Set one day aside to cool meals for the week. This reduces the number of hot days in the kitchen
  • Plan to cook outdoors.
  • Use energy-saving appliances, such as air fryers and electric pressure cookers

Schedule Cleaning

Clothes dryers and dishwashers contribute a little bit of heat and humidity to your home and impact comfort. If you plan to run these devices in the evening hours, during the coolest part of the day, they should have a minimal impact on your comfort and help with energy conservation.

Redirect Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans will not lower the air temperature but moving air speeds evaporation and therefore the air feels cooler. On the core of each ceiling fan is a small toggle switch that changes the direction of the fan. When the fan turns in the counterclockwise direction, it pushes air down and creates a cool breeze. Make sure each fan is turning counterclockwise during the summer to keep your home at peak comfort.

Address Problem Areas

If one or more rooms are consistently warmer than the rest of the house, don’t ignore the fact and research the root cause. Inspect every surface:

  • Check the attic for poor insulation
  • Check the windows and doors for leaks
  • Check the ducts to make sure they are intact and not leaking.

Of course, taking care of your air conditioner goes a long way toward keeping your home comfortable. Every mechanical system needs maintenance, and your air conditioner is no different. Cleaning the condenser coil, and ducts, and changing air filters are a few maintenance tasks that help your AC run efficiently. A regular preventative AC Maintenance inspection is recommended by your AC manufacturer.

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5 Essential AC Maintenance Tips