4 Energy Efficient HVAC Tips

Top  Energy Efficient HVAC Four Reasons Your Energy Bill is too High

Summer is here! Temperatures outside are in triple digits some days, and homeowners are beginning to see their energy bills increase. It is important to learn what factors will cause your bill to go up, and what can lower your utility bill while keeping your home cool.

What Non Energy Efficient HVAC habits increase your cooling bill?

There are several factors that can increase your summer cooling bill, and here is how to combat them.

Energy Efficient HVAC Thermostat Control

As the summer heats up, we want it cool inside our home. Many homeowners set their thermostats lower than normal to make up for the high temperature. Depending on the difference between the outside temperature and indoor temperature, your air conditioning system might work overtime to keep up with the demands of the summertime heat.

Increased Laundry

Summertime tends to mean an increase in the number of clothes that we wear. This will result in having to do more laundry, and constantly running the dryer will also increase your energy or cooling bill.

Poorly Insulated Homes

Many older homes are not properly insulated. Losing your cool air through poorly sealed doors and windows and improperly insulated walls or attic spaces will increase your electricity usage. Your HVAC system will end up running longer and under more pressure with poor insulation. A significantly increased utility bill can be an easy way to identify poor insulation in your home.

Inefficient Air Conditioning System

Another large increase to your utility bill can be a poorly functioning or improperly installed system. Modern air conditioning systems are more efficient by design, but it is crucial to maintain an HVAC system to ensure its proper function.

Energy Efficient HVAC Ways to Lower Your Cooling Bill

There are a few steps that you can take to lower your utility bill and reduce your energy consumption.

Set Your Thermostat to a Higher Temperature

While this may not be the most comfortable decision, increasing your thermostat setting a few degrees may not be a noticeable change to your comfort level. These few degrees can add up to a 5-10% decrease in your utility bills.

Install a Programmable or Smart Thermostat

Manual thermostats allow your system to cycle at all hours of the day and night to keep your home at the desired temperature. A smart thermostat “learns” your habits to keep your home at the desirable setting which will lower your utility consumption. A smart thermostat will adjust the temperature setting when you are away to help reduce the cost of your cooling bill since you are only using the air conditioning when you need it instead of heating or cooling an empty house.

Increase Your Home’s Insulation to Increase Energy Efficient HVAC

Increasing the amount of attic insulation and replacing damaged weather stripping can drastically reduce your home’s energy usage. Attic insulation is relatively affordable and can be a DIY weekend project.

Proper Energy Efficient HVAC / Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Proper maintenance prevents your air conditioning system from overworking. It is recommended that your air conditioning system serviced twice a year, once before summer and again in the fall before winter. During your maintenance appointment, one of our HVAC technicians will inspect all HVAC components to ensure proper function and indicate any potential replacement required.

Need Energy Efficient HVAC Maintenance or Repair?

If you are experiencing a noticeable decrease in the functioning and efficiency of your HVAC system, you need to call us at 281-238-9292 or contact us via email. The longer you ignore or put off making the call, the most costly the repair can be.

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