Zoning Options for Your Sugar Land Air Conditioning System

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It is a better idea to check into so-called “smart” products if you want to curtail energy use and lower your utility bills. This new technology can also reduce the workload of your air conditioning system and eliminate the need for a Sugar Land HVAC repair.

Smart vents are a modern twist on the closed-vent concept. These vents are connected to a central nesting app. They detect when a room is being used and when it is not. The vents close when the room is unoccupied. However, the same problems arise from having closed vents because the HVAC system is intended to keep the entire home comfortable.

All Cool A/C and Heating recommends installing a whole-home zoning system. This type of system works with your HVAC equipment and does not cause extra strain by closing vents. A network of thermostats and dampers are controlled by a zoning panel, which allows you to control your home’s rooms independently. Dampers in the ductwork control the flow of air to various rooms. This prevents a pressure buildup and will reduce the likelihood of a Sugar Land heating repair.

Programmable thermostats are another type of smart device that can conserve energy and keep your home comfortable. Having a few smart thermostats strategically positioned throughout your home lets you set up separate on/off schedules for those areas. It is also important to change the settings with the seasons.

If you would like to discuss zoning options for your house, call All Cool A/C and Heating at 281-238-9292. One of our technicians will visit your home and inspect your current system. We can help you decide what type of zoning is right for you.