HVAC Maintenance and Carbon Monoxide Safety

HVAC maintenance: HVAC Systems and Carbon Monoxide Safety

HVAC system maintenance is an important part of the safety of your family within your home. Pushing HVAC system maintenance aside can be damaging to your system and dangerous to your family.

HVAC maintenance is not just for comfort, but it is also for safety. Damage to components such as heat exchangers is a serious risk. Your furnace contains the fuel combustion that can leak into your home and put you at a risk for a house fire. Heat exchangers can also leak carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide.

Carbon monoxide, or CO, is a dangerous concern. Any gas-powered appliance produces certain levels of CO. carbon monoxide leaking into your home can cause serious illness, and if not addressed, even death.

How does damage to a furnace heat exchanger happen?

Persistent use can wear on your heat exchanger over time. Extreme heat can also cause damage to your heat exchanger when your furnace overheats or has a dirty filter.

How Can HVAC Maintenance Prevent Cracks in the Heat Exchanger?

Regular inspection of your HVAC system can identify signs of excess wear and tear or signs of a crack in your heat exchanger. Improper function, overuse, and short cycling can age your HVAC system components prematurely.

Regularly scheduled maintenance on your HVAC system by a certified technician will identify potentially deadly risks. Our team immediately alerts you to any safety risks and will provide a comprehensive repair solution.

Since potential problems can originate with poor communication between your thermostat and your HVAC system, our maintenance checkups thoroughly test this important connection.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Outside of your HVAC System

An added step to your regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance, we strongly recommend the installation of a carbon monoxide detector. These detectors can be installed in close proximity to any gas-powered appliance. Our technicians can advise you of the best placement, and the number of detectors your home needs.

Carbon monoxide related poisonings increase during the winter months since more furnaces and fireplaces are in use. The Center for Disease Control records hundreds of deaths from unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning each year with a majority of those occurring December through February.

Carbon monoxide is different than smoke. Smoke will rise; however, CO will mix with your indoor air and can be undetectable to smell. This is dangerous to you and your family and one of the many reasons it is important to have carbon monoxide detectors installed near your HVAC system.

Have you scheduled HVAC maintenance recently?

If not, call us at 281-238-9292 or schedule an appointment today. Catching small issues early may prevent an inconvenient repair or even a costly breakdown. With regular HVAC maintenance, your heating and cooling equipment operates efficiently and safely. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and certified to repair any brand. We care about your safety and comfort, so please call us when you need help.

Regardless of the age of your heating and cooling system, we encourage you to take advantage of our preventative HVAC system maintenance services.

HVAC Maintenance and Carbon Monoxide Safety

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