2023 HVAC Regulation Changes that End up Costing Homeowners Money

2023 HVAC Regulation Changes That End Up Costing Homeowners Money

Minimum Efficiency Requirements Increase for 2023.

The “old” HVAC systems, called 14 SEER (which is a basic solution for our weather conditions) are being replaced by the “new” 15 SEER, with a new rating of 14.3 SEER2 as the required minimum rating.  Essentially the government is mandating air conditioning manufacturers to change their equipment testing and rating procedures, which is forcing HVAC manufacturers to redesign their equipment to achieve the new minimum efficiency standards. Larger more powerful machines are the result…


SEER & SEER 2 ratings are like gas mileage – the higher the better. (Learn more about the new standard at SEER2.com) And if you think it’ll cost more to buy the “new” one, you’re right.

The “new” equipment requirements for air conditioning equipment begin in January 2023. I don’t know about you, but I’m not exactly using my air conditioner then. So, this is the last time you can get the far less costly 14 SEER installed in your home.

Now for the Good News…Since they’re phasing out the 14 SEER, you can get the best value ever on these incredible systems. The parts will be available for the life of the system; our service techs know them inside and out; and with our installation expertise, they will save you a bunch of energy and we will make your home more comfortable!

The 14 SEER is superbly reliable, efficient, quiet, and easy to work on. It is a wonderful solution if you want a basic replacement for your existing air conditioner. We’ve sold a bunch of these. It was the “standard” and still fits our climate. The “new” one will cost you WAY MORE than the little savings you MIGHT get with it. Why do I say, “might get”? Well, with heating and cooling equipment, the installation expertise is what makes the thing save money, not the so-called rating. In essence, performance versus potential.

Hey, I can get in a car that’s “rated ” at 30 miles a gallon, but if I put rocks in the trunk and drive like I’m a stock car racer, it’ll struggle to get 10 miles to the gallon. Same thing here!

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